Step 1

Welcome to ChatNet V1.10 Installer

Thank you for purchasing ChatNet. From this wizard you can install the script to your server. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact us.

I Need Help

Server Status

Check your server configuration before install the script. Make sure all requered software are installed and requements are met.

Your Server Status

PHP v 8.1.29
Apache LiteSpeed

Extensions & Applications

PHP 7.1.33 or higher Required
MySQLi PHP Extension Required
GD Library PHP Extension Required
Curl PHP Extension Required
MBString PHP Extension Required
FileInfo PHP Extension Required
Exif PHP Extension Required

Directory Permissions

Plase make sure following directories are writable and required permissions are set.

Media Directory (/media) 0777 required 0755 found
Config Directory (/config) 0777 required 0755 found
Language Directory (/lang) 0777 required 0755 found

Database Config
Step 2

Database Settings

Configure your database details here. Make sure to use an empty database. Use the Test Connection button to check the database connection before proceed.

Make sure you specify an empty database

Admin Account
Step 3

Adminitrator Account

Please fill in your administrator account details. You can change these after you log in to the system later.

Step 4

Install ChatNet

Click the Install button to begin the installation process. Do not close the tab or browser. This installation process may take few minutes to complete.

If you want to change the site URL, Access the installer from the URL you want ChatNet to be installed.

You can find this on the email you receive after the purchase ChatNet from Envato. I don't have a purchase code